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Here we bring Traditional crossword puzzles, Spot the differences, Sudoku etc into the digital world in an Astonishing Fashion.

These mind games which were for so long in printed media are almost lost to most now. They helped expand our thinking, knowledge, vocabulary and also helped us relax. We plan to bring this back to the Youth of Today, Online.

Day by day since the initiation of this Project, we have built an array of complex online puzzles which will help strengthen your mind and allow you to enjoy solving more addictive Brain Teasers.
  • Two identical pictures, Spot the Differences.
  • Hints for words, Crossword Puzzles.

These are two off many that we are bringing into the digital world. We will CONSTANTLY have timely competitions which will allow you to Win. That is not all, Continuous participation will give an opportunity to participate in the Grand event.

Crosswords and Spot the Differences are not the end, it is just the Beginning of many that will gradually come to Puzzle.lk

Visit: puzzle.lk [ will be launched soon ]

Choose YOUR partner, the EASY way.

Compared to the other media, We have a more sophisticated system. Let’s take into consideration a Matrimonial section in the Printed media:

One would have to make weekly payments to remain in the section and have limited description about him/herself because the space between description and preference has to be compromised. Moreover, chances of success are Slim. We Offer you the luxury to add everything about yourself, what qualities you are looking for, your interests etc. With our comprehensive search filter, finding a partner to match your criteria will be very quick and easy, AND most importantly, our membership fee is extremely reasonable compared to printed media.

visit: nikah.lk